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The EduCater

Branding, Web Design, Package Design, Package Design, Photography, Social Media

2022 - Florida, USA

Client and Project:

The EduCater is a private, woman owned dual business (both are somewhat related). She is a public and private educator and runs a small catering business, mostly for school and evening events. The challenge was to create a logo that would represent both businesses equally, maintaining simplicity. I was able to create an identity that reflected her values as a business, through color and typography .

Client engineered a card deck used for calming and wellness called "52 Ways to Deal". It contains 52 coping skills and is appropriate for all ages. Each card is designed very colorfully and playful, with patterns and simple instructions. She wanted to market these card to educators and mental health facilities. The result is a fun, yet conservative website with plenty of information that appeals to health and wellness industries as well as educators.      




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